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If you’re trying to decide when to list your house, the time is now. There are plenty of buyers eagerly waiting for your home to hit the market. Here’s what the latest data shows.

Buyer activity

+ 0 %
Year- Over- Year

Home showings continue to rise, an indicator of just how active buyers are in the market.

Limited inventory

- 0 %
Year- Over- Year

There are more buyers than homes for sale, meaning your home will be in high demand.

Multiple offers

Avg. Offers received

Buyers are competing for your house, so they’ll put their best offer forward.

Homes are selling quickly

Median days on the market

With the activity among today’s buyers, your house won’t be on the market very long.

Today’s market favors sellers. If you’re ready to move, let’s meet to discuss the benefits you can expect when you sell this season.

Sources: Showing time, Realtor.com, NAR.

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